Frameless Stacking Doors

Frameless Glass Doors

German Frameless Stacking Doors – Sunflex SF25

Frameless Stacking Doors are the only way to enclose a patio of any size or shape. Installing Folding Doors enables you to use your patio all year long. You can even have a braai on your patio on a Winters night. Just imaging that! Finally make use of the best room in the house that hardly ever gets used. Transform your patio into a living space and add a room to your house. A room that you will use more that any other. Sunflex Frameless Stacking Doors do this without taking away any of the view but adding all the benefits. Transparency in its most elegant form. The frameless SF 25 system does any with vertical frames and then allows a wonderful view to the exterior even when it is closed. You can enjoy almost unobstructed panoramic views – and your house looks a bit more impressive, too. We can installed on a curve, side mounted, as a corner system, as a window or with a steel beam. The bottom track is recessed so its completely flush with tiles when open. So no threshold to trip over. The bottom track also acts as a gutter trapping all the run-off rain water. This water is then allowed to escape through a small drainage pipe installed in the step.

Colour Options Frameless Stacking Doors

Sunflex products are available in these 5 Standard powder coated colours from left to right: White, Cream, Silver, Bronze, Charcoal Sunflex Colours These are our standard colours although other colours are available on request. Please note special colours might incur additional charges depending on availability.

Glass Options

Although clear glass is the most popular choice with our clients there are other options available. Only toughened safety glass is used for frameless glass applications.
  • Low E
  • Bronze TSG
  • Grey TSG
  • Matalux (sandblasted effect)
Are all available on request. Please note there may be a extra charge involved. Please Scroll down to the bottom of the page for Technical downloads…  
Frameless Stacking Doors

A great picture of a Corner system. Notice how there is no post on the corner.

Frameless Stacking below and Frameless balustrade above

Frameless Stacking Doors below and Frameless Balustrade above. Magic combination !

Frameless Stacking Doors

Elegant and Weather proof. Imagine this patio with them?

Frameless Glass Folding Doors

A seamless, safe barrier. Clearly the best way to view your world !!

Frameless Glass Doors

A beautiful example of corner system from inside. Safe style that’s almost invisible.

Frameless Stacking Doors

Curved system – No problem !

Glass Folding Doors

Frameless Glass that stacks away neatly either inside or outside to celebrate a perfect summer day.

Frameless Stacking Doors

Side Mounted on the inside between round pillars.

Frameless Stacking Doors with Beam

3 small systems. We installed a beam to fill up the arch.

Frameless Stacking Doors

Opening out onto the pool.

Frameless Stacking Doors

White aluminium looks pretty good.

Frameless Stacking Doors with Box above

We had to add a box above as the opening was too high for the system.

Frameless Stacking Doors

Clearly no view of this little garden was lost.

FRameless Stacking Doors

Nice example of how we deal with pillars. Just box them in !

Frameless Stacking Door - Curved system

You can see how each panel moves independently in this photo of a Curved system.

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Why ruin a beautiful view like this with bulky doors? Frameless Stacking Doors give you the best of both worlds.

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