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Enclose your Patio and use it all year round ! Choose between Frameless Glass Stacking doors and Frameless Sliding Doors. Both are a great way to maximize space in your home! Sunflex products made in Germany and assembled locally. Sunflex offers the most durable systems as well as simplistic design. Install Frameless Glass Doors and have the best of both worlds. Close your Patio to beat the cold in Winter and experience an unobstructed view. Then simply open it up in the summer and all the panels stack away as if they were never there. Sunflex systems are custom made to suit your exact requirements. Stacking Doors can be installed in almost any opening in almost any shape. They can be installed on a curve or as a corner system. Or with a steel beam above if the opening is very high. These Frameless Doors are weather proof and water tight keeping you safe from the elements. Only the best Toughened Safety Glass is used in Sunflex systems. ¬†The 8 mm – 10 mm Safety glass ensures the safety of your family. Sunflex boasts simple, stylish design and strong durable efficiency combined. This is German engineering at its best !¬†Click on this image to find out more…

  Frameless Glass Stacking doors with Fixed panels    


The only way to Enclose your pool or balcony. Frameless balustrade offers safety in a clearly beautiful solution. Secure your staircase and landing with an all glass option. 12mm Toughened Safety Glass is used to create a strong barrier with an unhindered view. GGS have the experience and technology to customize and shape glass to any form. Even a spiral staircase is possible with our advanced measuring technology. The Safety glass panels can we installed in 3 ways. They can be recessed into the floor using a non-shrink grout. Alternatively the panels can we be surface mounted our side mounted using stainless steel fittings. Click on this image to see more…

A beautiful example of a Frameless Glass Balustrade onn a Astro-turf landing.

Recessed Frameless Balustrade

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