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Indulge yourself in our diverse range of flawless Sunflex frameless glass doors,  manufactured and assembled in South Africa to the finest quality beyond your expectations.


Utilising only the finest quality frameless glass products accompained with more than 25 years experience within the Glass Industry, Grey Glass Systems prides itself on delivering unrivaled customer service with a highly valuable and market leading product.

Sunflex, a world-reknown brand that has proven itself to stand head over shoulders in its completion, is a German engineered product that only brings satisfaction beyond expectation.

Our Sunflex product range of frameless glass sliding and stacking doors are the ideal patio or balcony enclosures as well as room dividers to introduce into your homes. These doors not only elegantly enhance the attractiveness of every home but with such a bespoken nature our frameless products can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing buildings and structures.

The reliable Sunflex SF25 Frameless Glass Stacking Doors System does away with vertical frames ensuring a completely unobstructed view when closed. These slide and turn frameless glass doors can be opened over the entire front and stacked neatly to the side of your choice, creating a hassle-free passage from the inside to the outside.

Stacking Door Collage
SF20 Collage

The elegnant Sunflex SF20 Frameless Glass Sliding Doors System allows large glass panels to slide alongside one another creating a beautiful effect inside your home. This door system is best utilised as internal room dividers, office partitions or stand alone external structures such as balcony or patio enclosures.

The simply beautiful Frameless Glass Balustrade can be used as a means to fence the pool, enclose your patio or balcony or to stylishly flourish your staircase. Each balustrade is customised to fit any shape, slope or curve allowing for beautiful views in perfect clarity.

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Blockhouse Shutters Collage

A great quality, locally produced beautiful aluminium shutter that provides fantastic light and privacy control characteristics as well as serving as an excellent security barrier. This product is a great choice for external openings and damp/humid environments as well as those that require some extra security.